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"Energy and persistence conquer all things." Benjamin Franklin

  • for Expo 2015 for Expo 2015 wins the tender for the mechanical and electrical plants of the Kazakhstan's pavillion. Read More
  • srl srl Srl is an ESCO (Energy Service Company) certified by the Italian Authority of Electric Power and Gas (AEEG). Read More
  • Biogas Plants

    Biogas Plants

    Discover the new MINIMAXY technology by for the biogas plants. Read More
  • Blue Energy Panels

    Blue Energy Panels

    Do you wish to lower the energy consumption of the refrigeration systems up to 30%, and at the same time increasing efficacy? Read More
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  • 4 Srl is an ESCO (Energy Service Company) certified by the Italian Authority for the Electric Power and Gas (AEEG). supplies and manages the energy and the services for your business, making you save and creating new value.

Industrial and special plants

Steam and diathermic oil systems used directly in the production process, according to PED regulations, direct sterile steam production...
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HVAC plants

Air conditioning and cooling systems for industrial, hospital, commercial and civil environments, featuring the complete control of microclimatic parameters...
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Energy generation plants

Thermal, electrical and cooling energy generation, cogeneration and trigeneration plants fuelled by conventional or renewable energies...
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Firefighting systems

Sprinkler systems, wet or dry extinguishing methods, fire hydrant systems, pneumatic or electric deluge systems...
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Automation and ICT

Remote-control and remote monitoring using UMTS communication controllers, DCS, PLC / SCADA, KNX, BacNET automation systems for integrated management...
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Medium and low voltage electricity substations, power factor correction (re-phasing), command and control electrical panels...
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